About Me

My interest in art is equaled only by my boundless love for horses. Since 1970, a successful blending of the two has been the driving force of my life.  As an accomplished dressage rider/ horsewoman and former breeder, a hands-on interaction with horses has afforded me the opportunity to study and portray my subjects in depth, both in painting and sculpture.  Since 2004 my passion and dressage partners have been exclusively Iberians and it is fitting that these ethereal creatures have become the main focus of my artwork.   

My sculpture and paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Canada and South America.  

“Lucky indeed the man who mounts his back as if it were a throne, to know heaven without leaving earth, and share with him, over the years, the dreams and pathways of life.”


Christi Gillis Khalil and Iberico 18, October 2014.